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Oh hello there, it has been a while. February has crept up, hasn't it? And yet we are fastly approaching March and SPRINGTIME! This means no more dressing for Antartica. However, at the moment this is still a little way off, but a girl can begin to plan her Spring wardrobe, cant she, adding a few (yes, just a few!) SS18 updates.

Whilst planning an outfit for a little Lulu Guinness LFW event I went to last weekend, I ended up on the Zara website buying just two pieces (miracles do happen) in their Special Prices section. The first item was a statement tee and the second, some chequered trousers. When the parcel arrived I wasn't sure if I would like the checked trousers, I know it is a massive trend at the moment, but until this parcel arrived I wasn't on the checks bandwagon, I now am, of course.

On a side note, at the Lulu Guinness event I went to at London Fashion Week, The Collyer Twins did a little talk on their career and blogging and one of them had the most amazing chequered blazer which looked fab and I now need one for Spring, as they would look so cute with a tee and boyfriend jeans.

As for my outfit, I ended up styling the two pieces from Zara together as they really complemented each other with the pop of red from the tee. The outfit was super comfy (which is majorly important now that I am getting old) but I also felt stylish and not too chilly as it was freezing in London! I snapped a little OOTD in the outfit and have popped some pictures below. If you also like the trousers, these are still on special prices on Zara for £12.99! - BAR-GAIN.

Outfit details: Jacket - Mango // T'shirt - Zara // Trousers - Zara // Chelsea Boots - ASOS // Bag - Lulu Guinness // Necklace - Missoma // Ring - Ottoman Hands.

If you are also on the checks bandwagon, then I have popped some pieces below that are so cute:
You have to love a good knit and in these winter months, there are not many things more satisfying than wrapping up in a big woollen or cashmere jumper and stepping out into the cold, feeling cozy AF.

Knitwear is one of those garments where everyone has their favourite places to shop. So I thought I would pop a few of my favourites below from the higher end of the spectrum to the best high street knits.

My top highstreet knitwear stores

Whistles - For your classic and statement knits. Not the cheapest of stores, but a jumper from Whistles will last you for years. Make sure to look in their sales for the best deals, right now they have up to 70% off!

Zara - For your seasonal updates and knitwear basics, I have popped some of my favourites from their new season below, they are loving colour and bell sleeves for Spring 18 and I am quite the fan!

Boden - Good old Boden, now you cannot go wrong with a Boden Knit. They are great for the classics as well as for cashmere, which you cannot go wrong with. In fact most Boden cashmere jumpers are machine washable, which makes looking after them a whole lot easier. Check out their clearance part of the site for knitwear bargains!

Uniqlo - The ultimate shop to get your wardrobe essentials, as well as for cashmere under £80.

& Other Stories - & Other Stories are the shop for your statement and bold knits as well as your classic pieces that have a little edge, an absolute favourite of mine. My jumpers from & Other Stories have lasted for years and I always check out their sales for knitwear that is a little kooky and different.

Marks & Sparks - I couldn't miss off Marks & Spencers from a list of my favourite knitwear shops. They always produce great quality knitwear and who could forget that cult piece last Spring, with those sleeves! They are super reliable for great knits at a great price.

1. Pink Jumper - Zara // 2. Red Jumper - Zara // 3. Grey Applique Jumper - Whistles // 4. Paris Jumper - & Other Stories // 5. Creme Jumper - Whistles // 6. Splodge Jumper - & Other Stories  

A few luxe knitwear brands for when you are feeling spendy

Ganni - For the most beautiful knits in all the marshmellow pastel shades that you would want. Although one of their mohair, woollen beauties will set you back £300, but maybe a Christmas or Birthday treat! :D

Paloma Wool - A Spanish knitwear company which features linear illustrative drawings on each of their neutral pieces, almost like a piece of art on your jumper and super stylish too.

Chinti & Parker - One of my favourite knitwear companies that use all the colours in their collections. They also do the best collabs such as the Miffy or Liberty one. Look out for their sample sales as you can get one of their cashmere jumpers there for around £100.

Bella Freud - I could'nt compile a list of my favourite knitwear companies and miss of the simple styles from Bella Freud. Her slogan knits have become iconic within the blogging and fashion world and one of these jumpers is very high up on my wish list.

Jumper 1234 - A new brand on my radar, but one that sells beautiful cashmere in statement styles, something a little different for your wardrobe.

1. Bonjour Jumper - Chinti & Parker // 2.1970 Jumper - Bella Freud // 3. Pink Bell Sleeve Jumper - Ganni // 4. Heart Jumper - Chinti & Parker // 5. Bang Jumper - 1234 Jumper // 6. Stripe Jumper - Chinti & Parker 

My top knitwear care tips:

1. Don't hang knitwear, always fold your pieces away in your wardobe or drawers.

2. Always hand wash your delicate knits.

3. Once washed make sure that you always reshape and hang your knitwear up, don't make the mistake I did, forget that it is in the washing machine and shrink your favourite creme cashmere jumper - mare!

4. Invest in a bobble comb for your knits when they start to pill a little such as this one from White Stuff, it can revamp those well worn pieces and give them a new lease of life.

Just like that Christmas Day is over and the Christmas sales are upon us. Now I am not one to miss a sale, in fact searching out a bargain is a skill I probably should add to my CV. So I thought that I would compile some of my sale finds plus shopping tips and pop them on the blog. Plus this way you don't even need to leave the house to find a gem or if you do, you will be royally prepped for sale craziness!

I have also popped my most recent outfit snaps below with my new Whistles jacket, which I am in love with! It's the coziest purchase ever but definitely not one not to wear sale shopping, unless you want to feel like a walking oven. Anywhos, all my outfit details are below along with my sale picks and tips!

1. Wear an easy outfit to remove if you are clothing shopping, this way trying things on in the changing rooms is a speedy process.

2. Check the returns policy for sale at the till in case you get carried away buying the whole shop in store! (its happened many a times to me).

3. Take a snack! Shopping is hard work!

4. If you are shopping online and the website isn't working well, try the retailers app, sometimes the app can have less traffic onsite and is less likely to crash, it worked for me for the Erdem x H&M collab!

5. Take a pair of socks with you to try on any shoes on you may find.

6. Don't just buy an item because it is 50% off, think if the item was still full price, would you buy it?

7. Don't wear a coat sale shopping, just a light jacket. The amount of times I have nearly boiled over basically wearing a duvet shopping - not fun.

8. Know your sizes - if you have in mind the shops that you want to go to, check your wardrobe for items from that shop so you can avoid trying things on.

9. Check the fabrics compositions! - If a jumper for instance, has gone down in price and is super cheap, look at the fabric composition. Is it mostly acrylic or polyester? Does it look like it will wash okay? Don't end up buying a poor quality item for your wardrobe.

10. Keep an eye on trends! Take a look at the catwalks for the upcoming seasons on so that you can keep an eye out for items that are on sale and on trend for SS18.

There you have it, my top tips! I hope these are of help and happy shopping!

Erdem H&M Collaboration

Erdem H&M Collaboration

Erdem H&M Collaboration

Erdem H&M Collaboration

Outfit details: Coat - Whistles // T'shirt - Erdem X H&M Collaboration // Skirt - ASOS (old) // Bag - Zara (old) // Boots - & Other Stories (old but they always have a similar style in-store)// Necklace - very old from when I was a baby! 
Happy Monday folks! This Monday I have a beast of a skincare post for you. I thought that I would put together a post full of all the skincare products I have accumulated over the past few months, yes, there may be a fair few, but what can I say I love skincare! I have popped below all my thoughts on the products that I have tried and tested below, so enjoy and let me know if you agree or disagree below!

Products from left to right:

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 

I was a bit of a skeptic when I heard about this brand. When a skin serum is that cheap you have to wonder if it will be effective. I have not been totally loyal to this product using it only in the mornings when I have under eye bags that need to be de-puffed! I do feel that it is effective and makes me look more awake, but after watching Stephanie Nicole's video on Deciem it has made me slightly reluctant to use this product every day under my eyes due to the caffeine levels within it. When I use this product, I apply after my moisturiser just under the eye area.  (£5.80 for 30ml)

Lush Breathe of Fresh Air Toner 

This product is one that I can no longer live without. It smells so fresh and a complete must in my morning routine, it wakes my skin up and leaves it feeling energized. I simply spray this on to a cotton pad and apply to my face. I must have gone through a couple of bottles now and am loyal. I also love that it has sea water in from my hometown. (£4.95 for 100g)

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid

If someone had said to me a couple of years ago that I would have been using acid on my face then I would have questioned what they knew about skincare. However, acids now play an important part in my skincare routine. With the £5.90 price tag for this product you cant go wrong, this may not be the strongest Hyaluronic acid out there but it hydrates. I apply this as the first step in my routine morning and night and pop my moisturiser on straight after, and it is the routine that I will be keeping too for the Winter months. The only issue you may have is getting hold of this product, it is always out of stock. Try Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay or ASOS. (£5.90 for 30ml)

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm 

This little product is a life saver in a tube. For those days when your complexion needs a little boost and brighten up. It is the perfect product to apply under your makeup for a radiant complexion and to give your skin a little glow in winter. This product can also be used as a mask. (£31 for 50ml)

Organic People Clear Skin Moisturiser 
Now I am pretty loyal to the same moisturiser (my old faithful REN) so I wasn't sure about trying a different product as I know what works for my skin, but I did find this product moisturising. Although moisturising, the product itself isn't the easiest to apply to the skin and a little bit of product does not go along way. However, the scent is fresh and the moisturiser is very light on the skin and it's great that it is completely organic. (£11 for 50ml)

Organic People Clear Skin Concealer 
I was very keen to trial this product. When a blemish appears the last thing you really should be doing is covering it over with layers of concealer. So it is great that Green People have produced this concealer with added ingredients (green tea & zinc oxide) to treat the blemish whilst concealing. Unfortunately, this concealer was a tad too dark for my pale skin but I would recommend for coverage. (£10)

Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream 

For a while I only used acid pads as an exfoliant after I read the blog posts on Caroline Hirons and the benefits of using them (I love the First Aid Beauty ones). In fact the only time I have ventured back to exfoliant creams/cleansers are with this product and the other Clarins cleanser that I mentioned below. After using this product a few times, I do really like it for a few reasons. One would be that the scent is subtle and fresh, and two, the product details that you should massage into the face to apply, so this product is a great little addition to an evening routine as a little relaxing add-on. I would recommend not using this product more than a couple of times a week after cleansing as I can imagine it would be a little too harsh if used too much on the skin.  The only negative I would have to mention for me about this product, would be the use of microbeads within the product. In this day and age, I hope that Clarins will withdraw this ingredient and opt for something a little more eco-friendly. (£26 for 50ml)

Organic People Foaming Face Wash 

Firstly, I have to say that I am not the biggest fan of foaming cleansers, I don't feel like they cleanse my face properly and I don't feel like my skin is the biggest fan of them (I much prefer clay cleansers or hot cloth). Unfortunately, this face wash has not converted me. I was not the biggest fan of the smell, it smelt herbal but a little over-bearing. As for the effectiveness of the product on my skin, I feel like after applying it with warm water I still wanted to cleanse with my REN cleanser. (£12.50 for 100ml)

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion 

Mario Badescu is a brand that only recently came on my radar earlier this year. I came across this brand in the Liberty beauty hall (the best place EVER). The simple packaging and resounding reviews made sure that this drying lotion made it home in a little purple bag with me (my favourite kind of bag). I had a few months over the summer where my skin wasn't playing ball, so I picked up this little beauty and it is now a key part of my routine. I apply this only at night to any blemishes. (£16 for 29ml)

REN Hot Cloth Cleanser 

My favourite hot cloth cleanser and one that I have been using for several years since I discovered REN. I love a skincare product that is simple,  effective and doesn't have any overpowering scent. After trialing the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser I was hooked on the hot cloth cleanser bandwagon, but after trying a magazine sample years ago I was converted. The simplicity of the REN cleanser seems to agree with my sensitive skin so much better than Liz Earle. I use this cleanser in the morning and at night after I have removed my makeup with a micellar water, my favourite is Garnier. (£16 for 150ml)

Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser 

It was only until recently that I tried this product for the first time and although hesitant, as I am not the biggest fan of cleansers with exfoliants in (I would rather have one or the other). I find this product doesn't have an overly powerful scent which I like and is the perfect cleanser for the gym as there is no need for a flannel or muslin cloth. (£21 for 125ml)

Organic People Clear Skin Purifying Serum

Another product which is great on blemishes and one that I was surprised to learn is natural and organic. This serum contains Willow Bark and Tea Tree to cleanse and treat blemishes and it works! I only apply this product once a day (at night as I don't find applying makeup over it easy) and only when I have a breakout as I find this product can dry my skin out. A little goes a long way with this product so the price (£14 for 30ml) for this product is a bargain if you are looking for a natural spot treatment.

*Thank you to Green People for sending me over the samples of their fab products. 

Christmas has come around crazy fast! With moving back to the countryside earlier in the year it has meant that the year has flown by in a flash. However, with Christmas creeping around the corner it is time to get organized and get those presents ticked off the list. I have compiled a little list of items that have taken my eye over the past month and would be perfect gifts for a Sister, friend or for your Mum.

I have popped links to all the items featured above below, Merry Christmas!

1. Missoma Mini Hinged Hoop Earrings - £69
2. Missoma Mini Hoop Earrings - £49
3. Whistles Satin Pleated Skirt - £139
4. Kate Spade Thermal Mug - £16
5. Tom Dixon Candles - £80
6. Elemental Herbology Neroli & Rose Hand & Body Wash - £19
7. Conker Spirit Coffee Liqueur - £30
8. Floral Street Neon Rose Perfume - £55
9. Kikki K Diary - £24

I do love a little shop, or a big shop or any kind of shopping at all! In fact, I know that many close to me point blank refuse to go shopping with me, as I may be a bit of a nightmare with the length of my shopping trips. However, before hitting the shops what always helps me when I am looking for a bit of style inspiration is having a little browse of my favourite fashion sites. I thought I would pop my top 5 on a blog post in case you are looking for a new fashion site for a bit of style inspiration for your daily commute or a lunchtime browse:

Sheerluxe is a site that I started reading when I was living in London and all my work pals and myself would read. It's great for finding high street cult buys, trends on the high street and for styling tips. There is new content every day and it's not just fashion but beauty, interiors, food and lifestyle! Definitely subscribe to their newsletter, as you get an email a day with all their new content onsite. 

Outfit details: Jumper - New Look // Necklace - Vintage & Missoma // Denim Cullotes - M&S // Belt - ASOS // Trainers - Adidas Gazelles // Bag - Vintage // Watch - Marc Jacobs // Earings - & Other Stories. 

2. Retro Flame 

Retro Flame is a blog written by Erika, an Irish girl living the life in NYC who takes the most fab outfit shots all around the city. Retro Flame is a blog I have followed for about 5 years now and to this day she still pushes the boundaries with content and provides her fashion edits for trends of the season, outfit posts and her styling/ fashion tips. A must read! 

Danielle is one of the original fashion bloggers who is beyond successful, owning her own shoe and clothing company, as well as recently announcing she is designing a line for US retailer Bloomingdales. Danielle still regularly posts her outfits on her blog and Instagram featuring the most amazing outfits. What I love about her blog and style is her eye for styling vintage, high-street and designer. This girls wardrobe must be INSANE.

Another site I discovered whilst working in London and one that may end up leaving you with a very long designer shopping list, but a girl can dream, right? This site features amazing interviews with top designers and influential women in the Fashion Industry. I love the style of this site, as it feels as though you are reading a premium fashion magazine. If you are looking for a breakdown of this seasons trends and how to achieve a look of the season then this is the site for you. 

Another fashion blogger who I have followed for years and I am still loyally reading.  She has such an amazing eye for style and finding the biggest bargains on the high street (I have Alexandra to blame for me no longer being able to pop to Sainsburys for lunch without having a browse of TU's new in section - hence the jumper, pinafore and the swimming cossie purchases). I cannot promise that once you start reading this blog it will not enable purchases!

All we need now is to win the lottery for all the purchases! 

Chloe x

Happy October folks! Firstly, hope you're enjoying the autumnal weather, I have to say when I shot these outfit photos a few weeks back the weather was turning and I was so glad to have my bomber with me to layer me newest breton addition (this one is navy and green and its Whistles so its allowed). Anywhos, I cannot believe how quickly the weeks are going at the moment and we seem to be slipping into Autumn in the blink of an eye. With that in mind, I have recently been thinking about the dark evenings that are fast approaching and how I plan to utilise that time!

When summer is in full swing, everyone and everyone's dog is making the most of the light evenings,  heading out for after work drinks or dinner (or slightly less glam in Dorset, the beach for fish & chips ha). However, in winter everyone seems to hibernate, so this year I am making a pact to embrace those dark evenings, here are a few plans I have for autumn and hopefully these may help in preventing any hibernation attempts you may have:

1. Get fit
A bit of an obvious one, but I know that I recently have had all the determination at the gym which, I should note may have slightly been influenced by having a PT making me exercise. However, the point is, going to the gym in the summer is SO MUCH easier, those light evenings and heat. But the way I look at it is that the more exercise I do in the months leading up to Christmas, the more I can eat at Crimbo! Plus, how jelly will all your friends be when you're the one with abs of steel by Xmas. Get following some fitness Instagrammers for the fitness inspo, my favourites are Clean Eating AliceCarly RowenaThe Lean Machines and James Smith Training.

Outfit details: Breton - Whistles // Trousers - Topshop // Trainers - Vans // Backpack - Daisystreet (old) // Necklace - vintage & Missoma. 

2. Start that project 
So personally this is a big one for me this autumn, I plan to keep the content coming here on the blog and with my sister now providing all the blog goals these days (click here to view here and here), I plan to keep the tempo up with my writing and photography. So if you have a project, whether it be decorating a room, making a dress, starting a little business or maybe even starting your own blog, then now is the perfect time!

3. Get creative 
I think autumn is such a beautiful time. The colours of the leaves, conkers, acorns and pine cones and those deep orange sunsets (ignoring the grey skies here) plus the pumpkins! I have seen all over Instagram people getting creative in their homes and adorning them with crafty autumn decorations picked up from outside. Get on Pinterest, for ALL the ideas, trust me you will get carried away plus try not to walk into Tesco's and resist picking up a mini pumpkin... TOO CUTE!

4. Get reading
THIS is where I really need to up my game! I remember when I used to get the train then train then tube in London to work every day and I would read for an hour and a half on my daily commute. I used to go through books and I loved getting completely emersed in a book, which would be the best kind of distraction from being on public transport (*waves goodbye to those days*). However, it is so important to read and I need to delve into the stack of books that I have not yet ticked off, Estee Lalonde - Bloom I am looking at you.

5. Then... get cosy. 
Take some notes from the Danish and get Hygge! Embrace the dark nights and chilly weather, light some candles or a fire, pull up a chair, make a hot chocolate, grab a pile of magazines and put on those knitted socks, jumper and anything else knitted you own and get COSY, that's what all the trendy Danish do to get through their winter anyway! 

Hope this little post has sent some inspiration your way, until next time.

Chloe x