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Today I visited the V&A Yohji Yamamoto Exhibition, I really enjoyed it and found his work to be very beautiful. I loved the way all his designs were unconventional and challenged the norms of what we know as garments today. Yamamoto gives his designs a twist using shapes, form and structure, I also love the way in which he incorporates menswear in his womenswear designs 'as he loves to see women in menswear'.

Today I visited the Hummingbird Bakery for the first time in Soho, and oh my was I impressed with the cupcakes, it has to be said they were amazing! I would definitely suggest visiting this little gem. 
I chose a vanilla frosted and chocolate frosted cupcake, but they have a variety of different flavours of cakes, cupcakes, brownies and whoopie pies.. one place you have to visit in London!

Currently I am working on a project in Uni about subcultures within society, I chose to look at Indie Rockers and am now looking at Style Icons for the Subculture. 
It got me thinking, who my style icons are and so I decided to do a lil blog post on it. 
I would say my Style Icons today are; 
Of course Alexa Chung as she has such effortless style and doesn't try to always be on top of current trends but follows and sets her own..

My next Style Icon would be Nicola Roberts, in the last few years her style has really blossomed, I do tend to look at her style because she has close to the same skin tone and hair colour as me so I like to see the colour palettes and trends she is wearing, I also love her very sleek style...

My final style Icons would be MK and Ashley
their style is always impeccable, and they always work both their looks so well together.

A few days ago I visited the London Aquarium and took some snaps, and will maybe use them as inspiration for a future project. I would definitely suggest visiting the London Aquarium!

After 3 months of designing and making our outfits it was time for our First Year Fashion Show yesterday at Studio Valbonne In Soho.
The Show was such a success and was so fun to work backstage. 
Below are some pictures :)

Makeup time

Crimpin' the models hair

Setting the catwalk up

Quick run through - Menswear




 My Outfit (above)

More First Year Outfits 

More First Year Work (above) - Designer Natalina Pisapia 

Queue outside the club before the show


 My Outfit on the catwalk  

 My outfit on the catwalk again

And to end the night we went for a late night Snog!