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Thought even though this came out a few months ago, I would share this Missoni Spring 2011 campaign video with you, as SS is approaching and because I just LOVE IT!!

Went down to the beach the other evening with my sister as it had been such a nice day, and we took a few snaps whilst down there...

My outfit: 
Skirt: Primark - absolute bargain
Top: Toppyshop
Belt: Vintage
Necklace: ASOS 
Cardigan: Topshop

Sisters Outfit: 
Levi 501's: Ebay
Stripey Top: Vintage
Denim Shirt: Vintage 
Belt: Topshop

Have not blogged in a while as I have been so busy! 
But here is a lil blog post of a trip I took on a boat around where I live on a lovely sunny day :) 


              Shoes: River Island 
              Leggings: Topshop 
              Denim Shirt: Vintaagee
              Cardigan: Topshop
              Scarf: Vintage 
              Sunglasses: Good ol Primark