A trip back to the big smoke

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Sunday, June 05, 2011
On Friday, I went up to London for the day to see the AUCB grad show and for a bit of shopping! For the past year I have been studying at Middlesex University In London and although have had a good year,met great people and learnt alot, I have chosen to move back down south to AUCB In Bournemouth to continue studying Fashion Design, I am very excited to start in Sept after summer 11'!! 
Below are some pics from my trip!

This outfit did begin with a vintage blazer, but it was SO hot on Friday in London, that i couldn't wear it! 
The dress is from Topshop 
Bag is Vintage 
Shoes are Office and the pink socks are Topshop also. 
Overall, was very impressed with the AUCB show!! & cant wait to get designing again!! Sure Was a lovely day in London 
5 comments on "A trip back to the big smoke"
  1. Oooo! This is my course's show! Is this the course your starting in Sept? X

  2. PS You have some amazing pictures, is it okay if I pass them on to the designers? Xxx

  3. these pics are fab! im the menswear designer who did the coats/jumpers/fur and yours are the best pics i have seen of my stuff so far! so thank you! and good luck on the course next year!!

  4. Hellooo.. Thankyou!!!

    & Jenelle I loved your collection! If you give me your email I can always email you the original files of the pictures :)

    & Amelia yes of course, again I can always mail them over if you want the original files :) and yes I am starting this course, really excited to especially after seeing the show!
    Alsooo I love your blog!


  5. aww thanx hun! that would be great if you can email me the original files - i cn use them in my portfolio then. my email addy is jenelle7@btinternet.com

    and thank you again!
    jenelle x


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