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Thought that i would do a post on the Rituals scrub's as i am in love with these scent's at the moment. I only came across Rituals last year through Jessica French's blog, and have become a little obsessed with their products and scents (as they smell A-mazing).
The first product that i brought from Rituals was bizarrely a deodorant, but the reviews from Jessica French made me really want to try it especially as the brand doesn't test on animals. I ended up purchasing two of the deodorants (in different fragrances) in the end as i was impressed by them and i will do a post on them soon! Anyway back to these scrub's! They have a lovely texture and unlike some scrubs which i find can be too scratchy (yes i know this is kind of the point, but these don't actually hurt your skin). The fortune scrub has a beautiful, fresh fragrance that really wakes you up in the morning. The second, i received for Christmas and this also smells amazing but more of a sweeter fragrance. I really want to try more of the Rituals products and i currently have their yogi secret foot scrub and honey touch body cream that i got for Christmas to try so i will do a product review soon on those! 

February so far has been a busy month, i was glad to see January out the way with the hectic deadlines that i had with Uni! I thought that i would share some recent photos that i have taken out and about. 

Left to right // Paul Smith Exhibit - Highly recommend! // Crashing waves after the storm // Make up shopping at Liberty's // Cute vintage shop that i found in a local town // & other stories bits // Me in London the other weekend // Shopping in Zara (phone case Robyn Northover Design) // The 1975 in Bournemouth (they were amazing) // Mojito at Wahaca in Soho (highly recommend these restaurants) // London looking lovely at dusk //

With New York Fashion Week over and London Fashion Week in full swing i thought i would sum up my favourite collections from NYFW. I always think NYFW can be quite safe in terms of design (especially compared to London) however saying that Jeremy Scott does always produce some wacky collection that shocks. 
There are certain designers that produce beautiful collections every season from New York that i always have to check out and below are the collections that stood out for me. 

The use of textures and prints within this collection was what really stood out for me, i loved the brocades against the chunky knits and the brushed mohair with the puffa jackets it a pairing that i wouldn't expect to work but it does and J.Crew have done it again, oh.. one day i will own one of their beautiful necklaces!

Proenza Schouler 
This collection really stood out for me, i loved the use of jacquards, volume, bright and bold prints,  and the emerald greens and cobalt blues that were weaved throughout the garments. The collection had a slight 80's influence, from the use of peplums and volumous shoulders, to the end of the collection where we saw metalics making an appearance through prints, and a strong use of many textures. 

The final collection from NYFW that i really liked was Rodarte, i didn't feel that the collection was particularly cohesive, but it sure did impress; with coloured parkas, a heavy use of lace combined with embroidered mesh and embellishment and Star Wars printed silk gowns. I have to say i was not overly blown away by these gowns, but this could be due to not being a Star Wars fan in the slightest (no offence made to Star Wars fans). As side from that i love Rodarte's style and am seriously in love with those SPARKLY PARKAS! <3

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I came across Seche Vite dry fast top coat when my Mum told me about a new nail product that prevented chipping that she had read about. We purchased a bottle from QVC and now I would not use any other top coat. I have only just finished my first bottle and both me and my Mum have just purchased another as we have been so impressed with it. Their product i believe, is one of the most durable on the market and has definitely given my nail polish a extra few days than any other top coat i have ever tried, it also provides a really nice finish on the nail. 
After their success with the dry fast top coat they brought out a line of coloured nail polishes which incorporated their product technology. I purchased a Seche polish from Asos in the colour versatile and again have been impressed with how long the product lasts, however i would say that they don't quite have the same finish that the top coat provides and they don't seem to last as long as using the dry fast top coat.  

Seche Vite can be purchased from ASOS and QVC for £10.95

With Spring approaching (although currently it feels very very far away) it is time to brighten things up. I always think that Topshop do the best prints for Spring/Summer and this season is no let down. Bold graphic floral prints are big this season and Topshop have channelled this trend very well. I spied the bottom left top on Lllymrs youtube channel, and this has definitely gone on my wish list for spring! Below are some of my favourite print pieces for S/S 14 from Topshop

After Christmas, i was browsing the feel unique sale and i came across this Decleor set of the aroma cleanse cleaning milk and toning lotion, i already knew that i loved Decleor from a spa i visited last year, the products smell beautiful and feel amazing on your skin and this particular set is for all skin types. I brought the set and have been so impressed with the products! They contain no parabens which i would expect from a brand that is slightly pricier, but still, it does shock me that i still see some high end skincare that still contains such chemicals, but moving on.  The cleansing milk contains neroli essential oil to moisturise and sweet almond oil to help remove makeup. I have been using the cleanser in the evening to remove make up with a flannel and also in the mornings to cleanse and also using the toner in the am to wake my skin and moisturise it. The toner also contains neroli essential oil and i cant get enough of how beautiful this product smells and reminds me of being at the spa!
Overall, i have been really impressed with these Decleor products and i think they will last me a while being 400ml bottles! ..Definitely recommend!
This set is now out of stock but the products are still available on feel unique here

So it may have been a while since i have blogged ahem (a very long time), but i am back and this time i am going to to keep up blogging! The third year of university has so far been crazy busy and i am now beginning my final major project before finishing uni, cant believe how quickly time flies. Anyway i really enjoy blogging and so will be keeping it up this time!

Chloe :)