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The gel nail polish craze has been rife for a while now with brands from Chanel to Barry M trying their go at gel nails.

The days of sitting under a UV machine to set your nails are long gone now that gel has reached the high street. A top coat formula has evolved that through one coat over a colour sets the gel through UV light from sun rays. 
So welcome the Rimmel Super Gel, the gel nail polishes claim to last 14 days and with a price point of £5.99 these are a great way to get the gel look for minimum  ££. 

After trying a few of the different colours that Rimmel have launched I have been really impressed by the pigment and intensity of the colour.   I've found that to get a beautiful,  even coverage you only need one - two coats. 
The clear gel top coat is the final step in the process and dries very speedily leaving a smooth glossy finish that lasts for well over a week.  

In terms of the lasting power of these polishes, I'm not convinced that they would last for 14 days, I mean to be honest I get bored of a colour after a week any way so I'm not sure I'd want it to last that long. Nonetheless these are great and an affordable way of getting gel look nails without the inconvenience and money. 

My favourite shades from the colour portfolio would be Darling Dahlia and Blue Babe, I would highly recommend these colours for beautiful Summer nails that pack a punch. 

Rimmel Super Gel £5.99 available from Boots 
I don't even know how to keep up with the weather in the UK at the moment, one minute its snowing then the next it is sunny, so this outfit post came from a chilly Sunday in Shoreditch. Thought I'd throw on this faux fur gilet over a leather jacket for an extra layer of warmth. This gilet was an absolute find, it was actually in Matalan that I found this gem. I definitely underestimated how much I would wear this as even when we have sunnier Spring days its great to layer over a t'shirt. 
I used to think gilets were a big pointless and hard to pair with outfits, but now I think they are a great staple item to have in the wardrobe. 

Outfit: Trainers - Adidas Stan Smiths // Jeans - Topshop // Gilet - Matalan // Leather Jacket  - H&M // Grey Jumper - TK Maxx  // C Necklace - Monica Vinader // Handbag - Lulu Guiness 

A few months ago, the Kylie Lip Kit hype began and at first I wasn't convinced, would the Kardashians produce a product that actually did what it said on the tin? I have never purchased a Kardashian product in the past as nothing has really appealed to me, I feel the packaging a lot of the time looks & feels plasticky and cheap but I've wondered whether any of their beauty related launches would be any good as nothing has ever made 'beauty cult status'. 
But I was persuaded by the demand for the lip kits and once Kylie released more shades I was convinced I needed to see what the hype was about. So when a friend at work was buying one I jumped on the bandwagon purchasing Posie K.
I have to say I do like the external packaging, I mean, I'm not overly keen on the grill on the front but it's still a bit different and fits her style. The packaging on the product is fine, it could be better but then when you break down the cost of the products themselves it's not too bad or simple - the tube still features the dripping design which keeps it all cohesive.  
So on to the actual product, so first impressions - I like it! I have to say I was surprised, the colour lasts a long time!  I put both the lip liner and liquid lipstick on for work and it was still fine at the end of the day. 
The formula is good, especially on the lip liner, it's super creamy and glides on so easily. The liquid lipstick though a little tricky to apply is nice and matte, you have to be precise though when applying and make sure to wipe any excess product from the dopher before using otherwise you end up putting on way more than you need and it ends up looking patchy. 
I'm not overly keen on the scent, it's very sweet and vanillery (new word), but then I'm not really a fan of fragrances being used in cosmetics anyway.
In terms of the colour, it's much more of a deep pink than it looks onsite, I was actually really impressed with the strong pigment of the colour and feel that it is a great nude for people with similar skin tones to me & who have naturally pinkier lips. I think Candy K would look a bit like foundation lips on me so I'm glad I went with Posie K. 
So there we have it, shockingly I do actually think this is a product worth purchasing, it's just a little tricky to get hold of, but if your quick then I would recommend. I would repurchase but for now I'm going to wait until they are stocked in the UK. 
Let me know if you've tried any of the other colours and your thoughts.

Second post from my holiday to Qatar, I'm so grateful that I got the opportunity to go to the Middle East it's such a fascinating place and exploring the city of Doha was certainly quite a spectacle. There is such a contrast from the sky high towers of glass to the rustic Souq and its fascinating alleys of sweet scents and colourful silks makes for a lot of photo snapping and shopping. 
This outfit was taken on one of our days exploring Katara. The shaded alleys were the perfect place to keep cool and of course the perfect place to snap an OOTD. 
I love these H&M trousers, so comfy but yet they add an instant modernity to the outfit. The backpack is my Mums and I'm so glad I took it with me, I had forgotten how handy backpacks are and I need to get my hands on one 'adds to never ending list'. 
Details below of where everything is from :)

Outfit: Tshirt - H&M // Trousers - H&M // Shoes - Boden // Watch - Marc Jacobs // Bag - Great find from my Mum // Sunglasses - ASOS