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These trusty two have become my current favourite skincare products. I was first introduced to Caudalie through their Beauty Elixir  (my review here) which really is amazing, I mean if there was a product which was the definition of zen this would be it.
However, after trying the beauty elixir which I loved, I had to try more, so once I'd had a Caudalie facial I wanted the whole collection, all the products smell beautifully fresh and not in a heavy and synthetic way.
I have quite a few Caudalie products but the Caudalie Vinosource Serum and Moisturising Sorbet now take a place in my daily skin care regime. I love these particular products so much because my skin loves them and when you apply them to the skin you don't feel like you have caked it on but feel like your skin has been deeply moisturised.

Caudalie Vinosource

Caudalie Vinosource

These skin products are not particularly high-tech but if you want a serum that moisturises and leaves your skin with a little glow then these two are what you want. I am aware that you do not have to use both the products together but I feel that two using the products together gives the skin that extra boost of moisture especially for the winter.
With the increasing amount of press about nasties in our skincare it is nice to find a brand that keeps all of the following out;

  • Paragons 
  • Phenoxyethanoln 
  • Mineral oils 
  • Paraffin 
  • Sodium laureate sulphate
  • Phthalates 
  • Animal-derived raw materials

Caudalie uses vine and grape extracts within its skincare. The extracts from the grape contains anti-oxidants as well as having anti-ageing properties and they are also used for the prevention of dark spots. 

I have just re-purchased these products again as I love them so much! So if you are looking for skincare which is moisturising, simple and not super expensive try this range out. Link Here. 

Caudalie Vinosource

Caudalie Vinosource

With the influx of fashion bloggers, Influences, celebrities and fashion editors with their pricey and aspirational wardrobes we are constantly bombarded on social media and magazines with images of Anya Hindmarch Handbags, Acne leather jackets, Gucci loafers and Common project trainers among the many other items that do not come with an affordable price tag. 
Don't get me wrong I would love to be able to purchase these items, but in a realistic world and when you live in London and on a budget this isn't an option (😒). However even if you may not have the budget to have a designer wardrobe by following a few tips you can achieve an expensive looking wardrobe. 

I've put together a couple of my top tips below; 

  • Sample sales - Since living in London, I have attended quite a few sample sales, with some beings complete successes  and others not so much. I attended an Ottoman Hands sample sale in west London and although a bit of a mission to get too, the prices were so good. I got £20-£30 rings for £5 so it was worth the mission. However, I have also attended sample sales that were not so successful such as the Mulberry sample sale, where prices are not dirt cheap (πŸ‘ŽπŸ») the bags still tend to cost around £400 for an Effie satchel & around £900 for the Cara backpack, however the Lily was at £199 but only in metallic and bright colours.  There were smaller products such as wallets, scarves and bracelets where prices ranged from £40-£120 but nothing at the time took my eye. If you live in London then sign up to these emails to hear the latest about sample sales - A Little Bird & Ldnfashion

  • Good quality shoes & a staple coat - I am a firm believer that good leather shoes in a timeless style will keep you going season after season and add an extra touch of quality to your outfit. Old lady comment, but make sure you protect your  shoes with protector as this will keep them looking newer for longer and keep them going for seasons to come. The other staple for winter would be a classic and simple camel, navy, grey or black coat, basically a colour that is neutral and will go with everything. Try and find a coat that within the fabric composition has wool within it as for one, will give the coat a better fit and two, will not start to pill quickly and look cheap.

Leather Black Chelsea Ankle Boots

Camel coat
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  • A Leather Jacket - Real leather jackets can be pretty pricey, but investing in one will keep you going for years to come. ASOS, Topshop and Mango have a great selection of real leather jackets, I have my eye on a Topshop boutique jacket at the moment which is so great πŸ‘ŒπŸ». If its just a bit too much to make that jump, try and look around in store for a good imitation leather jacket. High street retailers are getting better at using fabrics that are far better than the cheap looking fake leather that we have all seen. I would recommend looking at H&M, Zara and Topshop for higher quality imitation leather jackets.

Black Leather Jacket
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  • Charity shops - I do enjoy a good charity shop rummage, you can find such amazing finds. The key is to find charity shops in nice areas where you are going to get great donations, for example there is a charity shop in Hampstead where I found a Mulberry jacket for £45 and JCrew cashmere for £10 so it's worth popping in your local shops to have a look. 

  • TK Maxx - I know that some people cannot stand TK Maxx but I personally love it as it's a great shop to pick up some bargains. The trick is finding a good store, I have to say some of the shops in central London I have never found to be that great but the Wimbledon and Clapham Junction stores are good for shoes and knitwear. 

  • Sales - Sign up to emails for more expensive high end high street stores such as Cos & Other Stories, Hobbs and Whistles to name a few, so that you hear first when they go into sale.  

  • Junior Trainers - If you are lucky to have size 3, 4 or 5 feet you may be able to buy certain trainer brands in the junior section which are about £10 - 20 cheaper than the adult styles. Adidas and Converse both do junior sections, it just takes a little investigating to see if you can get the trainers that you want in junior.  

  • Fabrics - Try and avoid certain fabrics that look cheap such as acrylics and certain viscose items, however this can change depending on the garment as some stores such as & other stories tend to use viscose quite a lot but with their use of prints they achieve an expensive looking item, so apply this rule on a garment by garment basis. 
  • Eyeliner is never the most exciting product to buy, a brown eyeliner is not the product I am drawn to when browsing a makeup counter nor the high street stands. It's lipsticks, blush and nail polish ..basically any colour. 

    However when practically takes over and you need a product that works effectively, not an eyeliner that smudges, doesn't last the day or leaves that questionable line on your eye crease - totes a great look..NOT πŸ‘ŽπŸ». 

    Take the stage the Trish McEvoy Intense Gel Eyeliner, this product was recommended to me and I am so glad it was. In my time I've tried a few eyeliners from high end to high street and I've been super impressed by this little but impressive product. The price tag may deter you at £22 but with this, you really pay for what you get. 

    The eyeliner can be applied either along the lash line for a more smoky eye look or it can be applied to the lash root on the upper lid for a natural look. I shall link this video here, as it's a great 'how to apply' for this style of liner. 

    On application you have a few minutes between applying and the product drying, the pencil comes with a sponge at one end which is great to use for a more sultry evening look. The lasting power you get with this eyeliner is really impressive. For me, it lasted all day and it doesn't leave any marks in your eyelid crease nor under your eyes but can be easily removed with a micellar water. 

    I bought this eyeliner in the shade Aubergine, as I prefer a brown eyeliner compared to black as this is too harsh on my fair skin tone. The shade name does hint at purple in the formula but I can't see it on application. 

    This eyeliner applied on the lash root, with mascara, a pop of bright lipstick and a highlight on the top of the cheekbones works perfectly for a natural but modern day or evening look. 

    You can buy Trish McEvoy at Liberty London and Selfridges.

    TRISH MCEVOY Intense gel eyeliner

    TRISH MCEVOY Intense gel eyeliner

    TRISH MCEVOY Intense gel eyeliner

    TRISH MCEVOY Intense gel eyeliner