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Saturday, February 11, 2017
This week I thought I would do something a little different with my outfit post. Now that I have been living in London for just under three years I have put together a little list of lessons that I have learnt along the way;

Lesson 1. The underground can be many things, but mainly a dog eat dog world. If you want a seat you may have to fight for it. I may have made it sound like a horrendous place, but you may just need to develop a skill of predicting where the doors will open on the platform. This then gives you about a 50% chance of getting a seat. 👍🏻

Lesson 2. The central line nearly always has some kind of delay. 

Lesson 3. You will need to master the art of layering. From the tube, to station platforms, to walking up to street level the temperature can fluctuate so much, that you might as well pack shorts and a puffa jacket to be well prepared. 

Lesson 4. City mapper will help you out big time public transport wise, download it! 

Lesson 5. Heels become a bit redundant. Who has time for heels when they end up walking a million miles a day, plus up stairs and down stairs, platform to platform,  it can be a complete obstacle course. Invest in a pair of Stan Smiths, STAT.

London style

London style

London style

Lesson 6. Get Dojo the app, it's great for finding independent local shops, restaurants and cafes. 

Lesson 7. Always carry an umbrella, it's an essential, it's London and it rains a lot. 

Lesson 8. Be ready to explore, London has a way of surprising you, from little restaurants that may look completely questionable actually serve up some good nosh. So don't be afraid to try new places, however still stay clear of the obviously horrendous joints, otherwise your just playing with fire. 

Lesson 9. You can literally wear a paper bag on your head and people wont look twice, It's fashwan. 

Lesson 10. You will never want a Cornish pasty again purely because they will remind you of train stations and rush hour. 

Lesson 11. 4 minutes till the next train is like waiting for an hour and who has 4 minutes, 1 minute or less is only acceptable. 

Lesson 12. Earphones are an essential for your commute, no one wants to hear about 'Lizzies cray weekend'.

London style

London style

London style

London style

London style

London lampost

London style

London style

London style

London lessons
    Outfit details: XO Earings - Laura Gravestock | Shirt - & Other Stories | Jacket - Topshop | Camel Scarf - Vintage | Leggings - Vintage store | Bag - Lulu Guinness | Boots - Next.  

Lesson 13. You will need to learn to walk a bit faster, as people get highly annoyed if you walk at sloth pace (my personal fave). 

Lesson 14. Beware of the best shops being on your doorstep, it's dangerous and tempting. I seem to end up a lot in the Liberty Beauty hall and Other Stories quite regularly thinking I'm some kind of princess on a shopping spree. 

Lesson 15. Sleep becomes oh so precious, far more than your daily makeup routine and doing your eyeliner on a bumpy tube ride becomes a skill that only a few have. 

Lesson 16. Don't make eye contact with people on trains. They will think you're weird or a psycho and who would want to strike up a conversation and talk to your fellow passengers... Londoners can be oh so friendly. 

Lesson 17. When you see them, grab Stylist magazine on a Wednesday (for clothes and beauty) and Time Out magazine (for what is going on in LDN) on a Tuesday both are free and you can usually find them being handed outside central tube stations.

Lesson 18. You will pay £6-7 for a glass of wine, get that purse ready!

Lesson 19. Midweek drinking is a thing in London, most people don't drive to work so expect to see many a gram with the #ThirstyThursdays hashtag.

Lesson 20. London is very expensive - expect to pay a lot for travel and rent! You will soon become great at finding bargains and have a new found love for poundshops - GLAM. 

Lesson 21. Websites like LDN fashion and A Little Bird will keep you in the know for upcoming foodie events, exibitions and sample sales. 

Lesson 22. Don't get overwhelmed. I think London can sometimes be a lonely place, people are not the friendliest unless they've had 10 pints and it's okay to sometimes feel overwhelmed by city life. Just remember your definitely not the only one that is feeling that way, everyone gets it. Make use of the parks, green spaces, museums and galleries to get a clearer mind. And if you've just moved here solo then take every opportunity to go out with work friends and look out for blogger networks and workout classes, they are a great way to meet new people. 

Hope this may help a few newbies to London or if you're thinking of making the big move. 

Chloe x

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